Your core values serve as that torchlight that you desperately need when you are walking down a dark tunnel. They are a stated list of principles or beliefs that clearly represents what you stand for and represent. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization that enables them to stay focused and committed to the brand they have chosen to build. They are a collection of guiding principles that dictate behavior and can help you understand the difference between right and wrong and making a conscious decision that will promote your brand.

Therefore, quite often you notice people listing values such as Integrity, diligence, professionalism, compassion among others. It must be stated however that there are processes involved in choosing your core values. These core values when chosen helps you remain focused on the personal brand you are building. Then, of course, you will to choose the tools that will drive your personal brand. Some of the many tools you can use is business etiquette, customer service, social media platforms, networking and self-development programmes among the list.

Have You Identified And Chosen Your Core Values?

Core values serve as an unwavering guide toward helping you achieve the goal of branding yourself. It is, of course, interesting to note that there are many different examples of core values in the world. Your choice of core values will depend upon the context of the personal brand you have chosen to build for your image.

To fully develop your personal brand therefore, your key objective will be to create the right type of emotional response you want people to have when your name or product is mentioned. That emotional response should be particularly reinforced when people see your image or name on social media platforms or when they meet you in person. Being able to achieve this gradually establishes your personal brand.


Emma AddoShe is an image consultant with key focus on providing personalized training to individuals and staff of business institutions with the aim of enhancing their professional, business and social image. She has over 8 years’ experience in the personal and corporate image management industry. She has provided numerous professional training to individuals, companies and organizations. She has also worked as:

Former Columnist, Mirror Newspaper- “Fashion and Style Segment” Consultant “GTV Breakfast Show” Guest Facilitator – JOY BUSINESS MASTERCLASS SERIES ON – Personal Branding and Business Etiquette

Founder – KOBADEM Image Training Institute

For training and consultancy enquiries contact her on:

0206471765 / 0240540005                                                                                                                                                



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