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    Our focus is to provide professional training skills to Individuals and companies that will empower them take control of their Appearance, Behavior and Communications outlook to either transform it or enhance it.
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Kobadem is a Personal Grooming and Etiquette Consultancy Company focused on providing training on personal grooming and Etiquette skills.

  1. Professional Career Certification Training

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  2. Image Consultant Training

    An Image consultant is a professional who advises and counsels individuals, groups and companies on personal appearance and self-presentation in relation to clothing, personal grooming, fashion styling, body and face build, wardrobe audit, personal shopping and colour combination. Some image consultants also handle voice improvement, body language, public speaking, manners, business and social etiquette, protocol and communication.

  3. Social & Business Etiquette Training

    You will learn the basic on acceptable mannerisms in a business and social environment. You will provide tips and training for professionals who want to improve their skills on issues as dining protocol, social interactions and networking..

  4. Image Makeover Specialist

    Total Image transformation, clothes, hair, skin, make-up , table manners , social behavior, confidence skills and social skills.

  5. Make-Up Training

    As a makeup artist you will learn makeup basic, make up application, day and night makeup, five minutes make up among others.

  6. Skin Care Consultation

    Skin consultation with skin experts and recommendation of the right skin creams and lotions. Solutions to acne and skin irritations.

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