Having just completed a two month stint as the resource person on the JOY Business Masterclass series discussing personal branding and business etiquette, the question I often get thrown at me is just “what is the relationship between personal branding and business etiquette”?

This happens to be a truly valid inquiry and so let’s begin by untying the myth around what personal branding really is and how investing in business etiquette as a branding tool can assist us to leverage on the opportunities for self-development and business growth.

Personal branding is said to be essentially a constant and ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about yourself, business or the organization you represent.

Furthermore, it is also a process by which individuals differentiate themselves by identifying and effectively articulating what makes them different or unique from others or their fellow competitors. Now the key focus is at identifying and building on the positive traits that makes them different from the rest therefore enabling them to stand out from the crowd be it in terms of products or service.


The process of Personal Branding

It is interesting to note that there are many processes involved in building a personal brand. The first step lies in you making a “conscious decision to brand yourself”. Fact is, if you don’t brand yourself the world outside will brand you and they may not be too kind with the brand they assign you.

Next, is you want to identify what your core values are. Identifying and developing your core values is crucial in building your personal brand. Your core values becomes the engine that will grow and help you maintain your brand consistency.


Emma Addo

She is an image consultant with key focus on providing personalized training to individuals and staff of business institutions with the aim of enhancing their professional, business and social image. She has over 8 years’ experience in the personal and corporate image management industry. She has provided numerous professional training to individuals, companies and organizations. She has also worked as:

Former Columnist, Mirror Newspaper- “Fashion and Style Segment” Consultant “GTV Breakfast Show” Guest Facilitator – JOY BUSINESS MASTERCLASS SERIES ON – Personal Branding and Business Etiquette

Founder – KOBADEM Image Training Institute


For training and consultancy enquiries contact her on:

0206471765 / 0240540005






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