About Us

Kobadem is a Personal Image Management Company.

We are focused on providing training and coaching targeted at personal development. Our areas of expertise include personal branding, grooming, social and business etiquette and interpersonal soft skills development.

Our key focus is to provide the skills that will empower our clients to take control of their physical image and business image and enhance it building a strong and dynamic brand for themselves.

As a member of COTVET, we are regulated and governed by its standards and values.

We have over (8) Eight years’ experience of helping to empower people in the art of managing their personal and professional image.

Our Professional Image Training Institute

  • Certified Image Management Consultants
  • Interpersonal Skills Trainers
  • Personal Branding Consultants
  • Make-Up and Skin Care Experts
  • Event Hosting and Management
  • Total Image Makeover Specialist
  • Etiquette and Business Image Consultants
  • COTVET approved Beauty Therapy Vocational Training Provider
  • Children and Young Adult Image and Etiquette Training Services
  • Design and Supply of Corporate Work Clothes and Uniforms
  • Dress Code Policy Creation and Implementation Consultants.